Who are we?

Rockatek’s Directors are Daniel Crowley, Daniel Minett-Smith and James Crowley.

We are all Chartered Engineers and have undergraduate Masters (MEng) degrees in Engineering. We also have post graduate Masters (MSc) in either Mechanical or Petroleum Engineering.

We are all members of the Chartered Management Institute, Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

We have published six technical papers related to complex Engineering design, field testing and laboratory testing and are registered inventors for more than eight design based patents in the USA and Europe.

We have over 40 years combined experience in Mechanical, Electronics and Systems Engineering, with vast experience in complex component design, analysis and testing.

We have managed Engineering teams of up to 30 Personnel, including CAD designers, mechanical engineers, software engineers, electrical engineers and technicians and have managed multiple field tests at various worldwide locations and have been offshore on commercial jobs.

We have created, managed and are experienced with the systems for Lloyds Register Certification to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Our history

Having grown up as childhood friends, Dan Crowley, Dan Minett-Smith and Jim Crowley found themselves working together at Precision Drilling in Tewkesbury having all graduated from University with Mechanical Engineering Degrees in 2003, 2004 and 2005 respectively. They all later went on to complete part-time post graduate Masters. Whilst working their way up the career structure, Precision Energy Services was acquired by the large Global Oil and Gas Service company, Weatherford International.

By 2015, Dan, Dan and Jim were in charge and responsible for the complete Engineering Department at Weatherford’s Rotary Steerable Research, Design and Development Centre in Tewkesbury. Under their control were the Steerable Drilling tool and Surface telemetry system product lines and a team of large team made up of CAD designers, mechanical engineers, software engineers, electrical engineers, technicians and admin personnel. With Dan Crowley as Chief Engineer and General Manager, Dan Minett-Smith as Development Engineering Manager and Jim Crowley as Sustaining Engineering Manager, they were jointly responsible for all Weatherford RSS innovation and development from 2007-2016 including:

  • Research and feasibility studies into new systems (both “low-cost” and “extended capability” tools)
  • Design, development and delivery of proven, field ready drilling systems to the Operations group
  • Sustaining Engineering to expand operating specification, reduce operating cost and increase MTBF
  • System optimization for motorized RSS operation
  • Managed and executed in excess of 30 full scale BHA level major test programs (concrete block and field tests)

In December 2016 Weatherford’s Rotary Steerable facility in Tewkesbury was closed and relocated to Houston, Texas, USA and having declined offers to relocate with the product line, the guys formed Rockatek Ltd. By using their combined experience and expertise, they now provide a consultancy service into multiple engineering sectors, offering expert services in design, technical analysis and testing.

Meet us

Jim Crowley

Director and Commercial Manager

MEng (Mechanical Engineering) and MSc (Petroleum Engineering)

Engineering expertise:
Forensic engineering, iterative design

Rockatek Business Expertise:
Engineering, Commercial, Marketing, Finance and Quality Systems

14 years

Dan Crowley

Director and Operations Manager

MEng (Mechanical Engineering) and MSc (Petroleum Engineering)

Engineering expertise:
R&D of new mechanical systems, electronics packaging

Rockatek Business Expertise:
Engineering, Management and Operations

16 years

Dan Minett-Smith

Director and Business Development Manager

MEng (Mechanical Engineering) and MSc (Mechanical Engineering)

Engineering expertise:
Test program design and execution, material science, data acquisition

Rockatek Business Expertise:
Engineering, Business Development and Commercial

15 years