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Defence Industry


The demands of the defence industry vary greatly from business to business; however, it is a common requirement that equipment failures are kept to an absolute minimum in such harsh environments. Rockatek offers design, analysis and testing of key mechanical and electrical component systems.

Military Humvee

Defence systems

As defence systems are being utilised in high pressure conditions, Rockatek ensures that we test for multiple failure elements and potential environmental impacts. For example, we test for various temperature, dust, shock and vibration conditions. We are heavily involved in the design and development of various defence applications, such as ruggedized mechanical and electrical equipment, mechanical and electrical housings, and much more.

Rockatek can fulfil all design, analysis and testing requirements for the defence sector. Our HQ is centrally based in the UK, with easy access to key defence supply chain contacts.

Rockatek endeavours to help our customers save time, minimise risk and ultimately develop more successful products. Whatever your engineering needs, please get in touch with the UK Rockatek team today.

Our core capabilities:


Our in house design team work with industry leading software to create products and technologies for a range of different reasons


Solutions to engineering issues with practical application of FEA, CFD, computer simulations, and engineering calculations.


Using our in-house test facilities and equipment, we can safely provide quality and reliable testing solutions for clients and products.

We have worked with some great companies in the last few years

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