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Downhole Drilling

The oil and gas market


Rockatek has a wealth of experience in developing complete new innovative technology for the oil & gas market, from generating concepts to manufacturing prototypes. Our key expertise is in the design, testing and analysis of downhole drilling tools, specifically rotary steerable and orientation tools.

Oil derrick

Expertise in oil and gas

Rockatek can help optimise clients’ current technology, increasing reliability and capability, or eliminating known failure modes. We are acutely aware that the main priority for drilling companies is to increase reliability and mean time between failure (MTBF), in order to reduce non-productive time (NPT); our team have a proven track record of increasing MTBF of leading industry directional drilling systems.

Our team of specialist engineers have been heavily involved in the development of some of the most prominent and successful drilling tools in the market over the last 20 years. We are currently working with major oil and service companies on the optimisation of current directional drilling tools, as well as being involved in the development of several brand-new concepts for downhole drilling tools.

Rockatek endeavours to help our customers save time, minimise risk and ultimately develop more successful products. Whatever your engineering needs, please get in touch with the Rockatek team today.

Our core capabilities:


Our in house design team work with industry leading software to create products and technologies for a range of different reasons


Solutions to engineering issues with practical application of FEA, CFD, computer simulations, and engineering calculations.


Using our in-house test facilities and equipment, we can safely provide quality and reliable testing solutions for clients and products.

We have worked with some great companies in the last few years

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