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Growing energy sector

Solar Energy

The energy sector has dramatically evolved over the years, from original coal fuelled power and oil through to innovative wind and wave solutions. Rockatek has considerable expertise in the energy sector, providing design, analysis and testing within oil & gas, wind generated power and geothermal applications.

Wind turbine.jpg
Solar Power Station

Innovative energy technology

Rockatek helps oil & gas clients develop new innovative technology, particularly with regards to downhole drilling applications. With the recent rise in geothermal energy, our specialist engineering team are now being commissioned for various drilling applications. With regards to wind and biomass, Rockatek is now conducting analysis of multiple applications, such as stress and fatigue analysis of vertical axis wind turbines. We have also recently completed static structural and thermal analysis of large-scale biomass filters.

There has been a 30% growth in the offshore wind market since 2010. Over the next 4 years, biofuel production is forecasted to increase by over 25% worldwide. As production increases, analysis will become much more important, in order to ensure the best possible return on investment and production outputs.

Rockatek’s HQ is situated in the UK, and we serve clients all over the country and throughout Europe. Europe is the leading continent in offshore wind generation, with many applications being featured in the North Sea – an environment that Rockatek regularly supports oil & gas clients with. We offer analysis of existing technologies, quality design solutions to increase efficiency, along with thorough testing.

Rockatek endeavours to help our customers save time, minimise risk and ultimately develop more successful products. Whatever your engineering needs, please get in touch.

Our core capabilities:


Our in house design team work with industry leading software to create products and technologies for a range of different reasons


Solutions to engineering issues with practical application of FEA, CFD, computer simulations, and engineering calculations.


Using our in-house test facilities and equipment, we can safely provide quality and reliable testing solutions for clients and products.

We have worked with some great companies in the last few years

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