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Testing Abilities

On-site testing arena

Rockatek has a world-class, in-house testing facility, allowing us to provide quality testing services to several industries in which operating conditions are extreme, and the price of failure is high. We boast an impressive portfolio of test equipment, enabling us to simulate real-world loading conditions for a variety of environments.

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Specialist test equipment

Rockatek provides a consultancy service into several industries where operating conditions are extreme and the price of failure is significant. Under these circumstances Rockatek carries out in-house qualification testing to verify complex design analyses and to demonstrate known failure modes to customers. Data from laboratory testing is typically used to refine simulations and analysis, increasing the level of confidence in any proposed solution.

In-house testing can also be carried out if a customer has not been able to reliably identify a true cause of failure. Laboratory testing under controlled conditions with the appropriate data acquisition system will typically result in a much greater understanding of component loading and potential failure modes.

We regularly utilise our specialist equipment and expertise as a stand-alone client offering, or to refine and verify our own simulations and analyses. Our testing service usually includes one or both of the following: demonstration and replication of known failure modes, and/or verifying design optimisation initiatives. Consistently refining our own analyses utilising in-house testing techniques enables us to offer extremely reliable and accurate solutions that are not solely based on classic calculations and FEA simulations, but also supported by real-world physical testing.

Our specialist team complete assembly and disassembly of products as required, in order to enable testing services. We can also design and manufacture bespoke jigs and fixtures if necessary.

Discover more and download information about our Testing Service here.. 

Our test capability includes the following:

- Gross overload (axial, bending,

   torsion, combined loading)

- Fatigue testing

- Elastomer testing

- Vibration and shock

- High temperature testing

- Pressure testing

- Hydraulic flow testing

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