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The directors of



Having grown up as childhood friends, Dan Crowley, Dan Minett-Smith and Jim Crowley found themselves working together. In December 2016 Weatherford’s UK facility was closed and relocated to Texas, USA and having declined offers to relocate with the product line, the guys formed Rockatek Ltd. 


Dan Crowley

MEng in Mechanical Engineering & MSc in Petroleum Engineering

Operations Manager

- Chartered Mechanical Engineer

- 20 years’ experience

- Expert in R&D of new technology / innovation

- Has led development of several successful commercial        downhole drilling tools

- Previous companies

     - Triumph Motorcycles

     - Precision Drilling

     - Weatherford


Dan Minett-Smith

MEng in Mechanical Engineering

Business Development Manager

- Chartered Mechanical Engineer

- Expert in fatigue study / stress analysis

- Expert in materials science

- 19 years’ experience

- Previous companies

     - Dyson

     - Precision Drilling

     - Weatherford


James Crowley

MEng in Mechanical Engineering & MSc in Petroleum Engineering

Commercial Manager

- Chartered Mechanical Engineer

- 18 years’ experience

- Expert in sustaining engineering / design optimisation

- Field experience offshore and onshore

- Previous companies

     - Precision Drilling

     - Weatherford

Dan Crowley
Dan Minett-Smith
James Crowley

What have we been up to as directors?

- We have published six technical papers related to complex Engineering

   design and testing.

- We are registered inventors for more than ten design based patents in

   the USA and Europe.

- We have managed multiple field tests at various worldwide locations.

- We created and managed the systems for Lloyds Register Certification

   to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001.

- We have previously managed a team of 30+ Personnel (Engineers,

   Designers, Technicians and Scientists).

- Specific areas of expertise in which we have designed and

   developed new technologies:

    - Push and Point Rotary Steerable Systems

    - Downhole electronics packages / subs

    - Data acquisition subs

    - Low-cost steerable drilling tools

    - Downhole Stabilisation subs

    - HFTO mitigation tools

    - Whirl mitigation tools

Our main sectors:

We have worked in, and have a combined experience of over 50years in a variety of different sectors. We have outline 6 of our main industry sectors below. Find out how we offer guidance in each.

Rockatek have been lucky enough to work with a number of great clients..

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