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  • James Crowley

Industrial Process News Feature

We are delighted to announce that Rockatek has been featured in January 2020's edition of Industrial Process News! Read the full article below:

Rockatek Ltd is a British-based company, with headquarters in the UK and North America.

Founded in 2016, Rockatek is a renowned Mechanical Engineering Consultancy business, offering the following bespoke outsourced services: CAD design, simulation/analysis and mechanical testing. Rockatek is recognised internationally as a leader in the design and development of downhole drilling tools, with over 60 years combined experience in designing and developing some of the market’s leading steerable drilling tools.

Rockatek’s 3-pronged approach (expert analysis, simulation and physical testing) allows clients to maximise the output of their products by identifying potential issues and areas for improvement. Rockatek is also experienced in the design, development and manufacturing of new full-scale systems and tools – from the initial concept to delivery.

Rockatek’s portfolio features extensive work on rotary steerable tools, mud motors, whipstocks, anchors, circulating subs, torque limiting tools, downhole sensors, near bit electronics packages, stabilisers, drill bit design and optimisation, BHA design, torque, drag analysis and much more.

Rockatek boasts an impressive in-house testing facility which includes the Rockatek 10M rig: an impressive load frame designed to subject full scale downhole tools and BHAs to realistic downhole loading conditions, i.e. axial push and pull, bending, torque and combined loading conditions. The 10M rig also simulates downhole dynamics such as counterclockwise whirl, high frequency torsional oscillation and full stick slip.

It can be challenging to keep up with the ever-changing advancements in technology and increasing demands of the oil and gas industry; Rockatek can bridge that gap, helping clients all over the world to gain an edge over the competition.

Rockatek also operates outside of the oil and gas industry; they serve the defence, aerospace and industrial sectors with the same philosophy and fundamental engineering principles, in order to optimise product capability.


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