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Rockatek offers complete design solutions ranging from conceptual design layouts to completed assembly and documentation packages.
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Engineering Analysis and Simulation

Rockatek are experienced in solving complex design issues that require sound understanding and applied analytical skills. We have extensive experience working from first principles as well as in the simulation and modelling environment. We have full in-house analysis capability with ANSYS Multiphysics FEA software.
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In-House Testing

Rockatek carries out in-house qualification testing to verify complex design analyses and to demonstrate known failure modes to customers.
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Bespoke Test Rig Design and Development

Rockatek can design, commission and supply bespoke Test Rigs to enable clients to carry out tests on their own products, based on a test rig specification and customers’ requirement.
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About Rockatek

Rockatek Ltd is an Engineering Consultancy based in Gloucester in the United Kingdom, offering Analysis, Design and Testing services across a wide range of industries.

Rockatek specialises in Engineering solutions for harsh environments. Its mission is to use experience and expertise to develop and enhance clients’ products, systems and processes to provide cost efficient solutions. Rockatek also offers a Forensic Engineering consultancy and a robust in-house verification test service to verify complex design analyses and to demonstrate known failure modes to clients.

The company was established in 2016 by three experienced Chartered Engineers (MIMechE) with more than 35 years combined experience in Mechanical, Electronics and Systems Engineering. This is achieved by combining all the necessary disciplines including a First Principles approach to Engineering, Mathematical Modelling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computer Aided 3D and 2D Design (CAD) and Project Management.

Rockatek’s philosophy is to work closely with clients with a focus on Project Management from design and analysis, through the supply chain to prototypes, qualification testing and Operations. To ensure the service is executed at the highest possible standards, Rockatek operates an ISO 9001:2015 certified Integrated Quality Management System. See the Rockatek ISO 9001:2015 certificate here.

Operations and Project Management

Rockatek’s consultants are competent in all aspects of Operations and Project Management. In order to maximise efficiency, Rockatek operates a lean Design and Engineering service from concept generation to project handover.

Rockatek projects are controlled through an internal stage gate process in line with customer requirements. Staged solutions are offered as well as formal design and progress reviews before progression to the next project phase. Each project is assigned a dedicated Engineering Consultant to manage the project through to completion.

Rockatek uses a robust Product Data Management (PDM) system to manage document configuration and to control design changes. This configuration control process extends to specifications, CAD models, drawings, assemblies, bills of materials, design standards and technical reports.

Rockatek offers an Operations and Project Management consultancy service. Our consultants can assess a client’s existing systems and process controls and highlight areas for refinement and improvement. Rockatek will typically investigate performance to existing KPIs and KFIs and provide feedback on the effectiveness of existing measures. This is a bespoke service tailored to the client’s needs and as such, requires a detailed initial discussion with the client’s management team as the scope can vary considerably.

Rockatek also offers a Supply Chain Management service targeted at the procurement of complex engineering components. Typically, such components will require a number of subcontract process steps including specialist machining, heat treatments, surface treatments and NDT.


“ABI Engineering have worked with the guys from Rockatek for over 10 years. They are experienced and extremely capable with 3D and 2D design and have a clear understanding of Design for Manufacture principles. We have worked with them on numerous projects to develop repair procedures for high value components after use. Their core engineering skills and innovative approach usually bring excellent results. The Rockatek guys are excellent, Mechanical Engineers who are professional and responsive. Cannot recommend them highly enough”.

Abigail Taylor – Director, ABI Engineering
ABI Engineering

“I have worked with James and the team at Rockatek Eng Consultants recently, their approach to solving engineering problems is effective and efficient. The engagement with them has been very professional at all times. They have an extensive knowledge of the ANSYS suite of simulation, and clearly demonstrate this with a pro-active and efficient approach to engineering tasks. If you require engineering simulation then I would encourage you make contact with the team at Rockatek Engineering Consultants”

Mark Lavery – Concurrent Engineering Limited
Concurrent Engineering Limited

“We used Rockatek for some technical analysis, FEA and pressure vessel stress calculations. The work was delivered professionally, on time and at a competitive cost. We wouldn’t hesitate to use Rockatek again”.

Chris Wathen – Director, CW Ltd
CW Ltd

“I have worked closely with the Rockatek Directors for many years. They have a proven track record of increasing product capability and reliability to offer solutions to real life engineering problems. Their ability to verify design improvements and new designs with analysis AND physical testing is invaluable to customers. The guys are thorough and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to any company, large or small, who require expert engineering design, analysis and testing services”.

Dave college MBA, CPIM – Manufacturing Director, SilverWell Energy Limited
Silverwall Energy Ltd

“We have worked with the guys from Rockatek on several projects designed to improve product efficiency and lifetime in advanced engineering critical applications where lifetime and reliability are key. We have always found their attention to detail, openness to innovation and project management skills ensure that solutions are found and implemented efficiently and effectively. If you have such a project we would thoroughly recommend you consult the Rockatek Ltd team”.

Chris H Walker – Director, CEO, Diamond Hard Surfaces Ltd
Diamond Hard Services Ltd

“It is great to meet a team of engineers who can hit the ground running with a strong history of working effectively together. It is very interesting to see how they quickly start to scope out the pros and cons of a project and evaluate the various possibilities”.

Debbie Bird – Director, Able Growth
Able Growth

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Rockatek’s consultants have the experience and capability to deliver proven design solutions. The scope of the solution is only limited by customer requirements.