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Product division


Products currently under development

Rockatek currently has several new engineering products under development, due to be released to the market Q4 2022 and Q1 2023. Practicing what we preach, we have used all our experience, knowledge and expertise to develop innovative products for commercial applications, offering a value proposition that we feel will be too good to turn down. The products are designed to provide cost effective solutions to known real world problems.

Watch this space.

News Coming Soon.

Watch below a recent interview that James Crowley, one of the Rockatek Directors, gave about the upcoming product division launch for more details.

The Rockatek product division

At current we have five products under development. Two of which are complete to concept design and prototypes are being manufactured for qualification testing, so, watch this space! The three other products are still in the design development stages, but we are excited about the future of the Rockatek Product Division.

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