Case Study 7 – Full scale Downhole Drilling Tool Test

Full scale testing of Downhole Drilling tool for Oil and Gas Sector Client


Testing required by major client to assess integrity of a downhole drilling tool.​

Requirement to test actual and complete assembly, not a scale version.​

Tool is approx. 40ft in length and is subjected to huge loads during service.​

Very few test rigs available anywhere in the world that can manage this scale of product and test loads.​

Rockateks Large Load Frame Test Rig has more than enough capability.​


Three tests completed with successful results for the client.​

Results gave two key areas for improvement of the tool that will offer increased capability when in service​

Data acquisition equipment used to monitor test progress and log results.​

High speed camera footage utilised.​

Large Load Frame Test Rig Specifications:

  • Tension / compression – up to 10MN
  • Bending – 120kN multiple locations
  • Torque – 120kNm (fiully reversible)
  • Power availability – 50kW electrical / 400kW hydraulic

Test Loads applied:

  • 30 tonne steady axial compression force
  • 90 tonne instantaneous impact force
  • All loads applied and contained with in the Large Load frame test rig