Case Study 5 – Rugged Electronics

Extensive Electronics Repackaging for Rugged Environments

Multiple examples of PCB and electrical/electronic components for harsh environments.

Testing carried out to standard requirements (such as IEC 60068-2-6/27/64) or custom profiles for specific industry sectors.

Repackaging of commercial electronic device for industrial use

  • Typically involves replacement of enclosure and external connections combined with varying degrees of modification to original PCB(s).

Repackaging of commercial electronic device for military applications

  • Extensive modifications beyond industrial qualification requirements (details available on request).

Proprietary Testing Specifications – Additional vibration and shock test capability developed for qualification of equipment in other sectors including Oil and Gas drilling and “off-highway” vehicles.

Vibration Testing (specifications redacted where required):

  • Random XX G (rms).
  • 5 – X00 Hz at 0.XX G2/Hz.
  • XX hour duration in X, Y, Z axes.
  • Elevated temperature testing available.

Shock Testing (specifications redacted where required):

  • XX0 G for 2ms.
  • XX00 shocks in X, Y, Z axes.