Case Study 1 - Combined Loading Analysis

High Temperature, Combined Loading Structural Analysis of Large Biomass Flue Gas Filter Vessel

In service, the Filter Vessel was to be subjected to multiple loads in a combined load case scenario at temperatures up to 400°C.

Loads included external wind, internal thermal loading, live and dead application loads and connecting pipework nozzle moments and axial loads. Under all loading, analysis of mounting brackets, nozzle flanges and internal support structures was carried out to determine structural integrity of the Filter Vessel.

When subjected to the calculated wind load forces and internal working pressure, deflection of Filter Vessel walls exceeded allowable limits. Vessel design was modified to include appropriate structural support.

With support braces added, stresses within (and deflections of) the Filter Vessel walls and mounting brackets were reduced to acceptable levels, below the material fatigue limit.

Internal support plate analysed for operation at 400°C with live loading applied. Material properties at elevated temperature were investigated. Structural analysis confirmed that stresses and deflections were within the high temperature material properties.