Rockatek provides a consultancy service into several industries where operating conditions are extreme and the price of failure is significant. Under these circumstances Rockatek carries out in-house qualification testing to verify complex design analyses and to demonstrate known failure modes to customers. Data from laboratory testing is typically used to refine simulations and analysis, increasing the level of confidence in any proposed solution.

In-house testing can also be carried out if a customer has not been able to reliably identify a true cause of failure. Laboratory testing under controlled conditions with the appropriate data acquisition system will typically result in a much greater understanding of component loading and potential failure modes.

To compliment laboratory testing or feed into Engineering analysis, Rockatek can coordinate on-site or in-service field testing with a broad range of data acquisition equipment and services.

Rockatek 10M Rig

  • Rockatek 10M Rig – 10 Mega Newton Load capability.
  • Load test rig capable of testing combined loading conditions of tension / compression, torsion and bending.
  • Component size limitations – 12m length and 1100mm width.

Tension Compression Testing

  • Tension / compression load capability – 20kN to 10MN.
  • Control – Manual or automated.

Rotating Bending Testing

  • Cylindrical components up to 350mm OD.
  • Maximum length 12m in basic rig (extension modules permit more).
  • Up to 12 tons typical side load at multiple locations.
  • Variable boundary conditions via hexapod supports.
  • 50kW electrical motor or 400kW hydraulic power.


  • Fully reversed torque up to 120kNm.
  • Manual or automated control.
  • Specimen length from 2m to 12m.

Vibration, Shock and O&G Download Dynamics Testing

Water Cooled EM Shaker with Slip Table

  • Maximum force 40kN.
  • Useful frequency range 5Hz – 3kHz.
  • Up to 383kg @10g, 14.5kg @ 100g.

Air Cooled EM Shaker

  • Maximum force 1.8kN.
  • Useful frequency range 5Hz – 5kHz.
  • Up to 148g.

Elastomer Tension Test Rig

  • Test rig capable of coupon tension testing up to 220°C and 30kpsi (2050 bar).
  • ASTM D412 Type D test specimen.
  • Adjustable maximum strain and variable strain rate.
  • Test capability – Extension to failure, Tear strength, Critical flaw size, Adhesion, Fatigue and Ageing.
  • Instrumented for – Pressure, Temperature, Cycle count, Time and Strain.

Rotary Seal Test Rig

  • Max temperature 150°C, max differential pressure 2000psi (140bar).
  • Max bore diameter 195mm, replaceable carriers for multiple gland sizes.
  • Max continuous rotation speed 300rpm.
  • Multiple chambers to permit testing with multiple fluids.
  • Concentric operation or variable eccentric extrusion gaps permissible.
  • Closed loop control for accurate pressure/temperature/rpm profiles.

Rockatek TR1 Torsion Resonance Rig

  • Torsional Frequency 100Hz.
  • Continual rpm up to 200rpm.

Rockatek WR1 Whirl Rig

  • Rig under re-development.

Other Dedicated Test Rigs

  • Various test rigs available for bespoke testing.
  • Standalone tension / compression test rig – 5000kN.
  • Pressure vessel – 50MPa up to 225mm diameter and 2m length.
  • Hydraulic flow rig – 10L/min up to 2000psi.
  • Climate chambers – up to 300OC for sample size 500 x 400 x 300mm
  • High frequency oscillation – 400 rpm continuous rotation superimposed with 40Hz torsional oscillation.
  • Please contact us with your specific requirements.