Rockatek offers complete design solutions ranging from conceptual design layouts to completed assembly and documentation packages.

Our designers and engineers can work from customer design briefs and specifications to generate concepts and proposals at the early stage of a project or work as part of a broader team on full product development projects.

Our designers work in both 2D and 3D formats offering complete packages of component and assembly drawings, 3D models and assemblies accompanied by Engineering Bills of Materials.

Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) are always at the forefront of the design intent in order to offer solutions which are cost effective. Gains through DFM and DFA can also be realised via incremental design improvement for existing products and systems.

Engineering Analysis and Simulation

Rockatek’s consultants have a broad range of experience solving complex engineering issues through appropriate analysis methods. In today’s modern world the merits of a thorough understanding of the problem and some expectations of a solution are often overlooked. It is far too easy to load 3D CAD models into FEA packages and attribute a high level of confidence to any solution.

Rockatek works extensively in FEA packages but our analysts and engineers will always break a problem down to a simplified representation and apply first principles engineering wherever possible. This ensures that the problem is fully understood by our engineers and the customer but also gives our analysts guidance on appropriate simulation techniques and FEA methods no matter how complex the part or assembly.

Our engineers have experience working within the requirements of a broad range of design standards such as PED 2014/68/EU, ATEX 2014/34/EU, API Spec 7, AMS-2430, BS 970, ASME BPVC, NACE, ISO 15614 Part 1, BS 888:2013.

In-House Testing

Rockatek provides a consultancy service into several industries where operating conditions are extreme and the price of failure is significant. Under these circumstances Rockatek carries out in-house qualification testing to verify complex design analyses and to demonstrate known failure modes to customers. Data from laboratory testing is typically used to refine simulations and analysis, increasing the level of confidence in any proposed solution.

In-house testing can also be carried out if a customer has not been able to reliably identify a true cause of failure. Laboratory testing under controlled conditions with the appropriate data acquisition system will typically result in a much greater understanding of component loading and potential failure modes.

To compliment laboratory testing or feed into Engineering analysis, Rockatek can coordinate on-site or in-service field testing with a broad range of data acquisition equipment and services.

For Details of Test Capability see In House Testing

Bespoke Test Rig Design and Development

Rockatek designs bespoke test rigs to suit customers’ needs.

Rockatek is experienced developing test rigs and systems which differ from the norm, our engineers have vast experience designing complex test equipment.

Examples include test rigs for custom Rapid Gas Decompression, shock testing, extreme temperature and vibration qualification, mechanical load testing, hydraulic flow systems, elastomer and seal development and high temperature and pressure applications

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